Blitz: Setup vSphere Replication (SRM 5.0)

April 5th, 2012 Categories: Uncategorized

VRMS notes:

  1. Do ONE side at a time.
    1. Each side must be treated as if it was separate – linked mode does not work for setting up VRMS.  That means a VI client to Side A while setting up Side A, and a client open to Side B while setting up Side B.  This is because the certificate warnings do not propagate through the link between VCs .
    2. Don’t use DNS in VRMS.  Use IP addresses only for everything in VRMS config, regardless of how well DNS works in the environment.
      1. Static IPs cannot be changed after being set.  This is a known PR.
      2. Static IPs work better than DHCP for VRMS servers, if at all possible.
      3. DB2 works better than SQL.
        1. SQL connections may not be closed on reboot, requiring a restart of the DB.  You may want have a separate SQL server for VRMS because of this.
        2. Old Certs don’t work.
          1. Any VC2.5 originating / VC4.0 cert uses MD5onRSA, which is incompatible with VRMS.
          2. It will accept the cert anyway, but will not connect from experience.
          3. Either build a new VC, or update to a new 2048 bit certificate.  Working on details of requirements now
          4. Setup order is VERY specific.
            1. Deploy Site “A” VRMS server from VI Client to Site “A”.
            2. Open web browser to IP of VRMS server “A”.
            3. Generate new SSL Certificate and install.
            4. Add settings for VC / DB / etc, BY IP ONLY.
            5. Hit “Save and Restart Service” when setup.
            6. On Site “A” VI Client, open “vCenter Solutions Manager”

i.      Click VR Management.  You should be soon prompted to accept a certificate.  Do so, and click the ignore button.

  1. Open SRM.  Click vSphere Replication for the appropriate site.

i.      Wait for a certificate prompt.  Accept it.

ii.      In about a minute, you should see the VRMS server log in to SRM.

  1. Close VI Client for site “A”, open VI Client to site “B”, and repeat prior steps on Site “B”.
  2. Connect VRMS servers together.
  3. Deploy VR servers on required systems.
  4. Add VR servers.
  5. Configuring VMs for VRMS replication.
    1. If initial configuration fails with a “optimistic locking failure” immediately try to reconfigure again.
    2. If the second time it fails with a “VC View” error, remove replication and try to configure fresh after ~10 seconds.
    3. IMMEDIATELY after configuring replication, go to SRM to verify that it has started the “initial sync”.
      1. It seems that if this step is skipped, VR may decide that the VM is synced, even though it isn’t (reproduced twice, verifying – it claims to have replicated a 15g vm in 10 seconds).
      2. If for some reason it does that, remove replication, reconfigure replication, and set RPO to 15 minutes.  This seems to always trigger the initial sync correctly.  Modify RPO as needed afterwards.
      3. SRM hangs – linked mode tends to cause VC to close connections.  Check number of logged in sessions if this happens.
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